Feingold Diet Mom- Finally a success!

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Today's Guest Blog entry comes from again from reader Amy. Amy wanted to share her story with you all in the hopes that it will help other moms who may be faced with "energetic" children. For the last few weeks, Amy has shared her path to choosing to try the Feingold Diet with her "super sensitive" daughter. Read this week's entry to see how it's going.  Read, comment, learn, enjoy



Finally.  Hallelujah.  The choirs of angels are singing.

After several weeks of ups and downs, challenges and questions, we seem to be on an up swing and on the road to steady behavior.

And I have discovered that when my daughter’s attention isn’t all over the place during dinner, she will actually eat.  And ask for seconds.  And thirds.  And I have to shut her off at fourths.  And she says “may I please” instead of demanding whatever it is she wants in two or three word phrases.  All music to my ears…..

After I had a very frustrating week with her behavior all over the place, I needed to bring her to my office for a few hours when she was off school.  I was picturing her running up and down the isles and spinning in the desks chairs instead of entertaining herself quietly while others worked.  Instead, she was good as gold.  She conversed with people in a polite way, didn’t fidget or try to climb the filing cabinets while people talked to her, she whispered when she had a question, and sat and colored quietly at the desk next to me.  She got up early that morning and packed her bag with all the things she wanted to bring to my office that day and came prepared with cars, coloring books, paper, crayons, and her Fur Real guinea pig named Pineapple Fluff.  I’ll admit – I was in awe and wondered what alien colony had stolen my child and replaced her with this sweet, cute little girl. 

And I was proud, happy, relieved, hopeful, joyous, and all those other positive, sappy emotions rolled together.

I’m still investigating foods.  Bread continues to be an issue (as far as locating an approved bread) and I’ve been trying to come up with lunches that don’t require bread.  But surprisingly, my beginning of the month grocery bill was only slightly higher than pre-Feingold trips where I selected the best values and shopped with a stack of coupons.  Unfortunately there are not a lot of coupons for many of the “specialty” and organic brands, which seriously bums me out.  I liked the challenge to see how much I could save!! 

The Feingold Member support board has been wonderful too!  Mostly mothers who offer support to others who are experiencing challenging moments or sharing advice about what works or what doesn’t.  Sharing recipes is another great feature (got the best FG friendly green bean casserole recipe for Thanksgiving – Cambell’s cream of mushroom soup will not longer be missed in my house).  Check out this mom’s blog for some GREAT recipes – I wish I had a fraction of the time……  http://heymommywhatsfordinner.blogspot.com/

While we are experiencing great success, I am not looking forward to the holidays and the food challenges it will bring.  Already we have a Breakfast with Santa fundraiser at a local restaurant on Saturday and I am trying to figure out what my girls can eat – no pancakes (most likely not an approved brand), no French toast, no syrup (100% maple syrup only), no donuts, no sausage or bacon (nitrates).  Guess I’ll try my luck with the eggs and hopefully they have fruit.  I’ll need to remember to bring our own milk.  But I’m looking forward to my daughter actually sitting on Santa’s lap instead of running circles around him (well, at least one daughter – the other will probably scream again).

We’ve almost reached the end of the initial six weeks.  I’m not ready to move to Stage Two where you re-introduce the foods with salycilates.  I think I’ll stick to Stage One for a little while longer to try and perfect a few things before I tempt my fate with the unknown.  I feel like the planets are finally aligning – I’m not ready to screw up my universe with a bad food choice.

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